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This Rare Angel Phantom Smoky Quartz Cetrin Cluster was mined and polished in Brazil. Truly collectible piece of citrine!

Dimensions:       4.96" X 3.16" X 2.9" !

Weight:                1.497 lbs

Chemical composition: SiO2

Geology: Smoky quartz belongs to the quartz family and, likewise, has a hardness of 7. Smoky quartzes are dark clear crystals. Almost all black quartzes are also referred to as morion. These obtained their color from extreme heat and the strong gamma rays which hit the earth mil­lions of years ago. Especially attractive smoky quartzes are found today in the Alps and in Brazil, but also in the USA and Australia.

Historical tradition: Smoky quartz was as well known to the peoples of ancient times, as was clear crystal. The ancient Greeks believed that smoky quartzes were matured clear crystals. The Romans wore smoky quartz as a stone of sorrow, which despite his pain could endow the wearer with a new will and zest for life. The Arabic peoples revered the smoky quartz as a stone which represents faithfulness and friendship, and upon evil or calami­ty approaching would change color.

Curative and therapeutic effects on the body: Especially as a crystal, smoky quartz strengthens the muscle system connected to the joints and bones, and gives protection against muscle disorders of the inner organs, such as the stomach and the heart. Through the powerful actions of the smoky quartz, muscular dystrophy (muscular atrophy), connective tis­sue disease, and disorders of the cartilage and tendons can be prevented and healed. As smoky quartz water, it can stabilize the fat tissue and it offers protection against excessive deposits of fat, accumulations of subcutaneous fat and cellulitis. Morion additionally fosters these properties and protects against disor­ders of the abdomen, in particular the kidneys, adrenal glands and the pancreas. As a chain or tea, mori­on has a very powerful detoxifying and purifying action which, at the same time, supports the kidneys and results in better filtering of waste products from the blood which are then excreted in the urine. At the same time, morion water regulates the water-salt balance in the body. Smoky quartz has been highly valued in natural medicine as a fertility stone. It removes not only the strong desire of sexuality, but also protect the genitals against flagging. During pregnancy, smoky quartz controls the amniotic fluid and strengthens the amniotic sac. Chains made of smoky quartz alleviate and heal neuroses, anxieties and depressions, which, without any organic origin, are caused by the consequences of stress.

Curative and therapeutic effects on the mind: Smoky quartz restores, above all to grieving persons, the joy of life and it brings back more light into their lives, which replaces that which has been taken away as a result of their grief or sorrow, despondency and depression. People who have often considered committing suicide, because they can no longer cope with the problems of life, should certainly wear a smoky quartz chain. In this case, the smoky quartz creates new energy and more joy of life, and it makes the wearer aware that it would be a great pity not to find a new beginning. The power of the smoky quartz can be enhanced especially with the aid of smoky quartz beads. People who, in addition to suffering from grief, sorrow or depression, may also have alcohol problems should certainly, inwardly provide be converted with the aid of smoky quartz chains and beads. This will lead to withdrawal from that dependency and will serve to provide inspiration for a new life.

Sign of the zodiac: Libra, 24th September to 23rd October

Chakra: Smoky quartz is especially suitable for laying on the root and spleen chakra. The darker and clearer the stones are, the more they will penetrate into us. By using smoky quartz, we will obtain a spiritual realization which will allow us to recognize that we must release ourselves from some old values in order to organize a new and free life. In the beginning, we become aware of a blockade which wants to make clear to us that we are still pro­foundly rooted in our past. Naturally, we are a part of our past, but the smoky quartz enables us to gain insight, that we like to remember our past, but we do not have to live in accordance with it. After all, our life is inside us and it points into the future. Smoky quartz crystals should always be placed during meditation with the tip ori­ented away from the body, because this way they have an especially purifying effect on the aura.

How can I obtain a smoky quartz and how should I look after it? Smoky quartz can be obtained as crystals, tumbled stones, hand stones, chains, beads, pyramids, obelisks, pendants and, occasionally, as donuts. Irradiated smoky quartz from Arkansas, USA is also available on the market. However, these have the same healing effects as natural smoky quartz, since the coloring substan­ces must be present in the crystals beforehand and, by means of radiation applied by humans, precisely the same result is achieved in a relatively short period of time like that which nature completed in thousands of years. However, of course, naturally colored smoky quartz excels the artificially irradiated crystals in terms of the deep-acting healing power by many times, since these have been charged by the sun over many thou­sands of years. You should discharge the smoky quartz once or twice a month under lukewarm, running water. You should clean the smoky quartz chain once to twice a month in a dry bowl with hematite tumbled stones. Smoky quartz should be recharged overnight in a smoky quartz or clear crystal group.